Why Bankruptcy?

     There are several reasons that can put bankruptcy at the forefront of your financial decision. It is the goal of the Foshee Law Firm to make this difficult decision as smooth and stress free as possible. Bankruptcy can alleviate your obligation to pay certain debts, stop garnishments, levies, foreclosures and repossessions. 

     There is no minimum amount of dept that makes you eligible or ineligible for filing of bankruptcy. So STOP FORECLOSURES GARNISHMENTS, COLLECTIONS, HARRASSING PHONE CALLS, LAWSUITS and ultimately relieve your financial stress. 

Bankruptcy can assist you in eliminating medical bill, high interest loans, credit card bills, auto deficiency & collections, etc. It can also be used to reorganize your secured debts into one manageable payment that fits within your budget.Ultimately what I can help you get with the use of filing a bankruptcy is a FINANCIAL FRESH START!